Stairway Lighting

Goals and Vision: In an already progressing stairway project a very exciting facet was added – to explore letting the glass treads become the stairway lighting. The boundaries of what could be done was explored in a series of tests and mock ups. Integrating this lighting into the home automation was not mandatory, but was always kept in play and eventually very successful.

Specific challenges: Dealing with light is always a challenge, something unexpected will always happen. Possible problems such as heat from lights on tempered glass, even distribution of the light throughout the tread became very challenging! Integration with the house meant programming, which ultimately fell back on us, as no one else was able to make what we wanted to happen, happen. One unexpected event was each tread looking different, so lighting had to be adjustable in many ways in order to make each tread appear similarly lit. Another unexpected event was light coming from the exposed end of each tread. Moving all of the equipment, which was not silent, to the garage and adding it to the system devised to circulate air between each tread’s light housing was the answer.

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